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The Western Association of College Admissions Counseling

Hello Class of 2021!

The Western Association of College Admissions Counseling (WACAC) is partnering with other states to provide four full days of virtual college fairs and webinars to explore college opportunities!

This is a wonderful opportunity to get a lot of your questions about college answered! There are sessions about SAT, how to choose a college, how to pay for college and so much more!

Please take advantage of this wonderful opportunity! Registration is free! Please click the link to register Please email me if you have any questions!

Ms. Saucedo

Sample Class of 2021 Student Webinar Schedule:

Session Title:

Session Description:

Registration Link:

To Submit or Not To Submit? Flexible and Test Optional Questions Answered

A panel of institutions ranging in size and location will discuss their flexible testing and test optional admissions policies. Students who would like to apply to a university on the basis of their academic transcript alone, or who would like to use their international curricula (IB, A Levels and the French Bac.) in lieu of traditional American standardized testing will have a chance to learn more about how to access these options at universities, how they may aid them in gaining admission and how they may utilize this for stronger scholarship consideration.

Choosing A College That Fits

This session will review seven criteria to consider when choosing a college: Types of Colleges Size, Location, Academic Programs, Campus Life, Costs, Scholarships & Financial Aid, and Admission Criteria

The Money Part

Helping students and families understand The Money Part. There are four ways families pay for college (out of pocket, grants, scholarships & loans). Most families are using a combination of the four to make it work. The Money Part explores, the real cost of college and comparing the net cost.

Understanding the importance of planning

· Evaluating the total costs associated with completing your education and the funds available

· Beginning to create your own personalized plan

College Admission Decisions: Facts, Myths & Everything Else

To students and their families, the college admissions process may seem like a lottery system. How can college admission professionals learn enough about an individual through their application to make such an important decision? Keep going, imagine how an admissions professional could review thousands of applicants in a given year. Now, envision the more than 1,000 colleges and universities that are making admissions decisions without possibly evaluating ACT and SAT scores. What?! No! Hear (See) three admissions leaders discuss the admission process, and answer your questions about facts, myths, and everything in between.

Do's and Don't of Essay Writing

Are you stuck on what to write about for your college essay(s)? Are you wondering where to get started?

Have no fear, we are here to help!

Grab your computer/notebook and come and hear from four admissions professionals about the do's and don'ts of essay writing.

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