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Student Family Letter

Monday, April 13, 2020 Dear AFCHS Family, Welcome to week two of our online learning Spring, 2020. We had great success last week getting over 80% of our students in class on a regular basis. This week let’s help each other out and make sure all of our students are in class this week! Here are some important announcements for the week: Students are to report to each of their classes on time each day to receive directions and assignments. Please stay in class until the teacher excuses you. Teachers and staff are available to help you the entire class period. All students have the opportunity to improve their English skills or learn a new language through Rosetta Stone which is being offered for free. Please contact Mr. Bagby if you are interested. All work since March 16 online is to be completed. Each week there will be a competition to see which class had the most students turn in all of their work. An announcement will be made later today as to which class won last week. It is important to report any issues or difficulties you are having at home to Miss Saucedo or Mr Bagby. These are difficult times and if you have concerns do not be afraid to let us know. Classes on Monday at 3:00 and during the day on Friday are mandatory. You will be assigned specific adults to meet with on Friday to make sure you have the support you need to complete your work. Please make every effort to make those classes on time each Monday and Friday. If you are having technical issues, please let Mr. Bagby know by emailing him so that your issue can be addressed. Edgenuity class students should contact Mr. Bagby or your teacher for support. The teachers are asking for you to make sure your camera is on during class. We want to see you and interact with you online completely. We can learn a lot by seeing your reactions and body language through communication that is missing when you don’t have your camera on. Turn your cameras on, please!! :)) Google Avatars - We need all students to change their Avatars if they know they are inappropriate. If you are not sure, send Mr. Bagby an email or a message and he will let you know. Some of our teachers have young children at their homes and some of your Avatars are not appropriate for their young eyes. Thank you for making that change this week if necessary so that we don’t have to make you change it. Have a fantastic week!!!! Mr. B

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