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The Eagle's Nest

“The Eagle’s Nest” By Mr. Bagby 1. ASB Elections will be Friday, September 13. Applications are by Miss Karen’s desk. Get involved and help make decisions that affect students and the student activities at your school. Applications are due by Tuesday, September 10. 2. Flag Football Team will have practice Tuesday and Thursday during PE this week! 3. Volleyball team will be starting soon…..keep watching the announcements. 4. Dress Code reminders…...slides are not allowed at school and the young ladies cannot wear tops that show their bare midriffs when they raise their hands in the air. Thank you for remembering. Questions? Check your handbook or ask. 5. Tardies have started to be counted. Remember for each 5 tardies you have you receive a detention. 6. The competition between our teams will start this coming week! Be ready to rock it during Learning Lab times and for all of the games we have planned! Make sure your team gets the trip at the end of the year! 7. Tuesday, September 10 will be a huge night for our school. We will be presenting to the San Diego Unified Board of Education our charter petition renewal so that we can operate for another 5 years. We would like all families to come and show your support starting at 5:30 that evening at 4100 Normal St down at the west end of El Cajon Blvd. Several of our high school students will be making presentations. Please come that night and show your America’s Finest Charter High School Pride! If you need a ride to the meeting, be at the K8 school at 4:30 to catch a ride on our bus. Make sure you wear your AFCHS shirts! 8. Each Friday, Mr. Bagby will be checking student grades and their eligibility for extra-curricular activities. Students will be notified by the end of the day Friday if they are ineligible for activities. Students may regain their eligibility as soon as their grades come up to the proper standard. Students cannot have more than one “F” in a class and must have a GPA of 2.00 or higher. 9. Our 103 students are doing a great job! All students are working hard and we are impressed with the great start to the year. All students need to be aware that we are a closed campus and they are not allowed to leave for any reason unless they are signed out by a qualified adult. I’m especially thankful for our staff who are all dedicated to making your child’s educational experience the best each and every day. 10. Please contact the office if you have any concerns. Mr. Bagby 619-909-2826

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