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​The School Site Council (SSC) is an important committee, which is composed of equal numbers of parents/community members and school staff members. 


 The school site council of America’s Finest Charter School, is hereinafter referred to as the council, shall carry the following duties:

  • Develop and approve the Single Plan for Student Achievement

  • Obtain recommendations for the proposed Single Plan for Student Achievement/ESSA from all stake holders and any applicable school advisory committees (Ed Code64001)

  • Develop and approve the plan and related expenditures in accordance with all state and federal laws and regulations.

  • Recommend the plan and expenditures to the governing board for approval.

  • Provide ongoing review of the implementation of the plan with the principal, teachers, and other school staff members.

  • Make modifications to the plan whenever the need arises.

  • Submit the modified plan for governing board approval whenever a material change a (as defined in district governing board policy) is made in planned activities or related expenditures.

  • Annually, evaluate the progress made toward school goals to raise the academic achievement of all students.

  • Carry out all other duties assigned to the council by the district governing board and by state law.

School Site Council

SSC Meetings for 2022-2023 year:

*All meetings are at 5:30pm* ​​

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