Roderick Leak


Roderick L. Leak Sr. has been an educator since 1992 as a Spanish Cadet Teacher and a Chairman of the science club at his alma mater, Fayetteville State University in Fayetteville, N.C. In 1998, he began his trek to become a Biological Sciences Teacher after graduating from F.S.U. with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology.  In 1999, Leak was offered a job to teach in N.C., but decided to move to Southern California. In 2000, he landed his first teaching position with The Los Angeles Unified School District. Since teaching, Mr. Leak has continued his education receiving a Master’s Degree in Education with a clear credential and a 3.6 G.P.A. Now, Mr. Leak has finished his administrator classes at National University with a 3.9 G.P.A. Mr. Leak has been in education for over 18 years as a bi-lingual educator serving inner city youth. Lastly, Mr. Leak has acquired many awards & certificates as one of California’s admired administrators and leaders in education.

K-8 Address

(619) 694-4809

730 45th St

San Diego, CA 92102

High School Address

(619) 909-2826

4481 Estrella Ave

San Diego, CA 92115

Technology Address

(858) 281-5001

302 Washington St. #811

San Diego, CA 92103

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