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America's Finest Charter School Policies & Procedures

Access to School Records

Admissions Policy

Behavioral Restraint and Seclusion

Bullying Prevention

Cell Phone Usage

Child Abuse Reporting

Child Health and Disability Prevention Program

Civil and Legal Rights

Conflict of Interest

Criminal Record Check

Director's Governance Standards

Disciplinary Contact

Educational Equity

Employee Reimbursement

Employee Safety

EPA Exhibit

ESSER III Expenditure Plan

ESSER III Safe Return to School

Fiscal Policies and Procedures

Freedom of Speech & Expression

Health Examinations & Screenings for TB

Homeless Education Policy

Home & Hospital Instruction

How Screenings of Live Scan are Used and Kept 


Legal Status Requirement & Employee Immigration Status 

Married/Pregnant/Parenting Students Policy

Math Placement

Migratory & Youth Student Rights


Pupil Suspension and Expulsion

Representative & Deliberative Groups

School Connected Organizations

School Websites

Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA)

Special Education Instructional Assistant College Requirements 

Special Education Memorandum of Understanding

Staff & Student Interaction Policy

Student Harassment Policy

Student Sexual Harassment Policy

Test Security Measures

Title I Parent Involvement Policy

Work-Related Injuries

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