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Learning Life Long Skills Through Hands-on Projects

Help me give my students the chance to enhance their knowledge of technology and engineering through hands-on projects. They will be able to present their project and knowledge at STEM, SCIENCE, STEAM Nights.

These materials (3D printers and Robot Kits) will help the students learning more realistic and fun!! 3D printing brings life to students sketches. There's nothing better than to hold a physical model of student's imagination. Prototyping (3D printing) gives students a greater sense of achievement than just drawing (paper or CAD)! 



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Science Alive!

Help me give my students the experience of witnessing first-hand the metamorphosis of a butterfly and other supplies to help bring life science to life.  

Our students are studying life cycles and have been working with paper models.

They would really benefit from seeing live examples of the process including the metamorphosis of a butterfly.  Students will gain an added benefit of developing responsibility while they take care of living things. We also need replacement ants for our ant farm. Live examples will help spark their interest in science at this impressionable age. Additional supplies such as magnifying glasses and art supplies will be useful to make scientific models. These supplies will support hands-on activities and help scientific ideas become more concrete and bring them to life.


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Listening Center

My students need a listening center with CD and cassette player, a junction box, and read-along books.

Having a listening center in my classroom will not only help my students increase their listening comprehension but it will also help them make the important connection that letters and words on a page convey meaning.

Finally, books on tape many times are embellished with silly voices and dramatic enhancements which makes the students feel like reading is a fun time rather than just work.


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Reading Is the Magic Key!

My students need exposure to books! Many students do not own books at home and only hear stories at school. A listening center will also give extra reading and listening opportunities for my non-English speakers.

A listening center will give students exposure to literature. Many students come from low-income households that do not have books at home. Research has shown the difference between students from affluent households have more exposure to books and language before they enter Kindergarten. A listening center will help students who do not have the exposure at home to receive the opportunity in multiple variations at school.



Science Research Library


As I stated before, my students had limited to no exposure to science before moving to middle school. I will utilize the models and hands-on activities to enhance their science experience. For example, I can talk about how earthquakes are caused, but until a student experiences one, they will not really understand. With the earthquake simulator I requested, the student can visualize what is going on under the earth. The same for the rock lab I requested, until a student is able to touch a rock, the student will not understand the difference between the types of rocks. Having this equipment will greatly enhance the learning of my students. I have some exceptional kids who can be successful in science, but have not been exposed to the sciences. This equipment can give them the opportunity to experience the sciences, not just learn about them.


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