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California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP)


Submit: Please make sure your students submit the tests.  It won't count if they just end the tests without submitting the tests.  Please have your students come up to you when they finish reviewing their answers. 


Bluebook exam: Please have your students write down their notes/answers in their bluebooks.  All notes need to be collected after you end the tests.  All bluebook and notes must be collected and destroyed afterwards.  Please return the basket to me on Thursday. 


ELA and Math Summative Test: students are assigned randomly to the number of questions and orders.  The ELA and Math assessments are computer adaptive and can vary on the number of questions based on student answer selection (up to 40 questions for Math and up to 48 questions for ELA based on their grade level). 

ELA and Math Performance Task: ELA has two parts (if they go to part 2, they cannot go back to part 1) and Math has only one part.   Your students will have two days to finish the ELA/Math tests. 


CAST: Have 5 segments and 1 survey.  The test can be up to 70 questions at max. 


20 Minutes Pause: students CANNOT go back to check their previous answers after 20 minutes pause for ELA and MATH Summative test and SCIENCE Test ONLY.  THERE IS NO 20 MINUTES PAUSE RULE FOR ELA AND MATH PERFORMANCE TASK, but make sure your students save their answers.  


Can you set up the Test Session early? YES, but remember, your test session will time out after 20 minutes if there has been no activity.


Can students have phones in the testing room? NO, all cellphones must be collected.

Can you paraphrase questions and/or choices? NO, Do not paraphrase (QUESTIONS OR PASSAGES), interpret, define, or translate any items, words, or instructions as this would be a violation of test security. ONLY READ-ALOUD TO ENGLISH LEARNERS.


Can teachers play calming music in the background? NO.  There is to be no electronic devices used by anyone during testing.


Can students not testing be in the room? If they are finished testing before others, they can read a book, crossword puzzle. 


Can students be on another computer program? NO

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